A Brief Guide to SEO

Search Engine Optimization – or SEO – is what we do. In the ever-changing world of digital marketing, we work with your data and examine your content behind the scenes to make sure that your business can easily be found by your target audience.

But what is SEO?

SEO is a form of digital marketing focused on growing organic – that is, not paid ads – search engine result visibility for websites. Data and content (text and images) are used to determine how your website ranks among search engine results. This is important because 51% of web traffic comes from organic search engine results!

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Why is SEO important?

SEO Marketing is important because search engine visibility is important, and not all websites are good at being visible! Search engines are smart tools that allow humans to find websites, and they’re constantly growing. However, they still have limits to what they can find. These range from technical problems, such as crawlers being unable to parse blocks of codes, to language problems, such as localized spelling or uncommon terms. Because the search engine crawlers are not perfect, it’s important to follow their rules to make sure that your content can be found by the greatest number of people, even within their limitations.

SEO is important because it’s the practice of making changes to your website to make sure that the crawlers that populate search engine results can find your website and bring it to people who are looking for your content.

How can you improve your SEO?

At its core, SEO is about finding your content and making it visible to the people who are looking. You can quickly improve your organic search results by including hearty, quality content on your pages, filling the ‘alt’ and ‘title’ tags on your images, and linking to established external sources when possible. You can also optimize your website’s loading speed, experiment with ads, and try other expert tips.

Not really sure where to begin? That’s where we come in.  Sign up for a Free SEO Audit! We’ll work with you to make lasting improvements to your website’s SEO!