Programmatic Advertising

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Advertising has always been a growing, ever-changing beast. But the speed of that change is tenfold when it comes to Internet advertising. As a business owner, you need to be able to not only target an audience, but your audience, but how exactly can you ensure that your ads are being seen on the multitude of screens that your prospective clients use in their day to day? Above the Bar works to solve the problem for businesses near Gilbert with programmatic advertising as a focused marketing strategy.

This shift in how people are exposed to media and advertising is why Above the Bar Digital is proud to partner with Basis by Centro to power your Gilbert programmatic advertising solution. Let us handle and manage all of your Real-Time Bidding (RTB) and hyperlocal advertising needs at a fraction of the cost of other online marketing agencies!

Media buying has come a long way from traditional mass-purchasing; it has evolved from buying ads directly from publishers, to purchasing through aggregators such as ad networks, to going through real-time exchanges that act much like financial markets. To use these exchanges efficiently for companies in Gilbert, programmatic advertising is used to keep up with their real-time hyperlocal targeting.

The means of targeting your prospective clients has also changed. With hyperlocal, through Basis, Above the Bar Digital is able to target users in the moment with powerful geo-fencing capabilities that allow us to select granular points on a map, upload street addresses, or target places by category. Wherever and however your audience is looking at ads, we can find them!



It's What We Do

Not only do we provide results as a Gilbert SEO company and digital marketing agency, but we realize that true success comes from valuing your business as if it was our own. Above the Bar Digital is about raising the bar when it comes to how you and your business are treated, and how you can get found online.

Our Strategy

In a space where there is so much anonymity and mystery, we strive to make the digital marketing landscape a little less complicated. With over 20 years of experience as a Gilbert SEO company and digital marketing agency, Above the Bar can help you connect the dots on a comprehensive marketing plan that helps your business not only succeed, but thrive.

Above the Bar, a Gilbert area SEO company and digital marketing company, provides top of the line search engine optimization services in many areas of the United States and beyond!