Connected TV (CTV)

a new kind of video advertising

We live in an age where standard television commercials are no longer the be-all end-all of showing potential customers video advertisements. Especially in an era of “cord cutting” where more and more people are looking to stream their television service rather than deal with cable contracts. Above the Bar provides Gilbert Connected TV or Smart TV advertising in order to reach the audiences which have walked away from traditional TV. 

This shift in how people are watching TV is why Above the Bar Digital is proud to partner with Basis by Centro to provide businesses in Gilbert Connected TV advertising solutions. Let us handle and manage all of your digital video advertising needs at a fraction of the cost of other online marketing agencies!

Connected TV is a TV set that is connected to the Internet. This connection is made through built-in capabilities, like a Smart TV, or another device that enables a standard TV set to become a Connected TV. These include a media streaming device (like Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, or Chromecast), a blu-ray player or a gaming console (such as Xbox and PlayStation).

Connected TV offers the targeting of digital advertising, with the lean-back experience of TV. When a consumer watches Connected TV, they are experiencing it in the same way they would watch linear TV—on a big screen, but within the casual environment of their living room. When compared to the small mobile or laptop screen, a Connected TV ad is more immersive and relaxed, and often delivers higher completion rates than computer/laptop or mobile viewing. When compared to traditional TV advertising, businesses in Gilbert benefit from Connected TV and the opportunity to reduce waste with greater targeting opportunities.



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In a space where there is so much anonymity and mystery, we strive to make the digital marketing landscape a little less complicated. With over 20 years of experience as a Gilbert SEO company and digital marketing agency, Above the Bar can help you connect the dots on a comprehensive marketing plan that helps your business not only succeed, but thrive.

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